The following competitors have been chosen based on submission videos that were scored by a panel of online judges. This inaugural event will include two divisions: Amateur and Professional.




Jena is a full time pole dancing mom of two beautiful children. She is a pole dance instructor and studio owner in Cape Cod, MA called DreamFyre Pole Fitness. Jena is spreading the joy and magic in pole dancing everywhere she goes as she comes from an area that’s very conservative and uneducated when it comes to the sport of pole fitness. Jena is an advocate for putting pole into a positive light in Cape Cod. She enjoys crocheting and making art but most of her time is spent taking care of her kids, business, and teaching pole! Jena hopes to have her own circus show someday and travel the world with her family. Jena wouldn’t be able to do all this without her amazing husband, her pole girls, and her supportive family.


Dance Filthy USA Kelsea Alabama


Kelsea lives in LA, but is originally from Florida, and grew up in Oregon. She started pole dancing three and a half years ago in Portland, and can’t imagine ever quitting. Currently, Kelsea is a dancer and bartender in LA, and teaches pole dancing classes at InFit Dance. Kelsea enjoys performing at small venues around LA, and was in her first Pole Show LA performance last January. Dance Filthy USA will be Kelsea’s very first pole competition, and she is so excited to see what comes of it! Kelsea is looking forward to her future in the world of pole art.


Dance Filthy USA Monique VP


Monique is from Burlington, Ontario Canada! She is the owner of She Pole Dance Studio, and a lover of the Classique Exotic style of pole dancing. With a passion for performing, teaching, and creating choreography, she is living her dream and enjoying her place in this wild pole world where she can let loose and get sexy on the stage. Online videos of the ladies of BeSpun firstinspired Monique to try pole and it has changed her life. So much love to her husband for his support, her 5 year old for dancing with her while she trains, her family, pole family and friends for believing in her and supporting all her crazy ideas!! Monique is extremely excited to compete in her first US comp and to share the stage with all these hot sexy talented ladies and ecstatic to have been chosen to take part of DANCE FILTHY USA!

Dance Filthy USA Ashlee Renee



Ashlee is sliding and crawling her way into her 4th year of pole dancing, on what started as a team building exercise that took over her life. Ashlee owns, manages, teaches and trains at her beloved Tease Studio in Denver, Colorado. The amazing and encouraging community Pole has introduced to her, is what she holds closest to her heart. Teaching people to be accepting of their bodies and one another, is one of the greatest gifts pole has brought her… and well.. and the shoes aren’t bad either. Ashlee is beyond excited and honored to be able to be a part of the inaugural Dance Filthy US Competition with so many sexy and amazing women!


Dance Filthy USA Sarah WolfSARAH WOLF

Sarah Wolf is based out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. She began pole dancing 4 years ago and was, like so many others, instantly hooked. She had danced most of her life, however was on a several year injury induced hiatus when she found pole. It has reignited her passion for movement and let her know that truly you are never too old to dance. In the midst of all this poling around she had a daughter who is now 2 years old. Wanting with all her heart for her daughter to know that she can do anything she wants with her life made it impossible to deny that Sarah, too should know no closed doors. She has recently begun teaching at Rockstar Pole Fitness in Arvada, CO and is in the process of building her own studio, ReWild Pole Studio, in Pagosa Springs. Sarah has also realized that caring what others think about exotic style dance is a waste of time and is so happy to feel free to embrace her inner filth!

Dance Filthy USA Lisa Michelle



Lisa has been heel-clacking on club stages in Chicago since 2009, after winning an amateur night contest at the local shake joint in her hometown. It was love at first twirl when she touched the pole and shortly after her big win she began taking pole dance classes to learn dance technique and tricks. Soon after, she got the itch to teach and has been teaching at the The Brass Ring since the doors opened and performing as often as possible in Chicago. As an instructor, Lisa loves being involved in her students creative journeys from start to finish and helping them discover their unique path on their journey. As a performer, she loves to develop creative concepts and bringing the audience into her world. When she’s not on the pole, Lisa can be found in her glitter laboratory designing shoes for her company, Hot Mess Heels, at the gym crying through leg day, or petting her cat, Kira, who has more followers on instagram than she does. Her life’s mission is to ensure that every man, woman, and child will have the experience to “make it rain” at least once in their lifetime.


Dance Filthy USA AnnaKia



AnnaKia moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to pursue a life of movement. By day she works for a Utilities company, and by Night she is an instructor, performer, and student. After 4 years of self-exploration she has finally found her niche in Sexy Power Pole. She is very humble to be able to share her story, movement, and passion with the world.





Dance Filthy USA Stacy DiscountSTACY DISCOUNT

Stacy Discount is a native Florida girl who fell in love with pole in 2009. She was instantly hooked and began attending pole class almost everyday. Just as she became an advanced level student and considered competing, Stacy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. She was forced to take two years off while she battled cancer and was able to return to the sport in February of 2013, the minute she got medical clearance. Entering back into her beloved pole community gave Stacy a positive outlet and an enjoyable way to rehab her body and regain her strength. While Stacy’s pole journey began focusing more on the fitness side of pole, she has recently fallen in love with the sexier exotic side of pole. Stacy now trains at Pixie Fitness in Pompano Beach, Florida. Stacy’s love for fitness has always been at the center of her life, but pole is now at center stage. 

Dance Filthy USA Brittnai PytlarBRITTNAI PYTLAR

Brittnai is from Seattle, WA and began her pole journey 4 years ago. She began as a trickster, but made the switch to a sexier style after discovering how much more challenging moves became while wearing 8 inch platforms. Her favorite moves are anything dynamic and surprising – drops, tumbles, and sassy heel clacks. She is excited to take the stage and show her filthy side as she represents her home studio, Athena Vertical Dance!  She is a Beastly Built brand athlete, USPDF Pro Card holder, Florida Pole Fitness “Miss Congeniality”, and the 2016 COTAC Pro and Doubles 1st place winner.

Dance Filthy USA Phoenix RainePHOENIX RAINE

Phoenix is a former gymnast and Orlando based dancer. She specializes in lyra as well as gymnastics/ contemporary dance adaptation to pole dance performance. Phoenix teaches various aerial apparatuses, hand balancing, and stretch and flexibility classes at multiple Orlando gyms. She has recently founded the Sempiira Performance Troupe, comprised of aerialists, gymnasts, and dancers of every style, which she hopes to use to expand opportunities for local dancers of every background, size, shape, and discipline. 

Dance Filthy USA Elizabeth Carmine BlackELIZABETH CARMINE BLACK

Elizabeth Carmine Black is a LA based dancer known for down & dirty style of hair whips and heel clacks.

She specializes in exotic, improvisational dance, performance art and has over 5 years of professional experience in latin and commercial dance.

As an X-Pert and Liquid Motion Certified Pole Fitness instructor, she currently travels across the US teaching her signature pole classes in Exotic, Low Flow, and Contemporary movement.

Dance Filthy USA Torwa Joe FiyaStartaFIYASTARTA

Torwa Joe aka FiyaStarta is a Liberian-rooted-Atlanta-bred gemini born to dance. Best known for her status as a pole historian, emcee and president of twerk her accolades include: X-POLE XGirl, XPert Pole Fitness Trainer, Twerk Technician Master Trainer, Featured Performer Ludacris & Lil’Wayne, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and more.

FiyaStarta is the owner of Atlanta’s #1 Studio for women, Vertical Joe’s Fitness The Professional Woman’s Playground. 

Dance Filthy USA Tia Jax


Tia began pole dancing three years ago. She is a proud student and teacher at Brass Vixens, located in Toronto, Ontario. Tia loves the sensual side of pole dancing and is pretty much consumed with the art of SEXY. Her journey has inspired her and she hopes to one day inspire others.

Dance Filthy USA Leah Franklin


Leah is a Columbia, Missouri native. She earned her BFA in Dance from Stephens College after studying various dance styles through her life. Leah began pole dancing in the summer of 2013 and is now an instructor at Muse Pole Fitness. She has had the pleasure of opening for the Suicide Girls as well as performing with Lola Van Ella and her touring band. She is the current North American Pole Dance Championships Erotic Pole Art Champion and the winner of the National Exotic Pole Competition through Pole Sport Organization. Leah is also a choreographer and co-producer of a new pole show in Columbia, MO: Vertical Desires. She is extremely excited to share the stage with some amazing artists to kick off the first Dance Filthy USA.


TK FLY, a.k.a. Tesla Kostek, is a graduate of the National Ballet School and a former dancer with the Boston Ballet and the LA Chamber Ballet. She has been seen on the hit TV show Dancing with the Stars in its second season and has lectured in dance at Loyola Marymount University and the University of Massachusetts. TK is an X-Pole certified pole instructor and has trained privately with with professional pole artists Leigh Ann Reilly, Amy Guion, and Maggie Ann. TK is the owner of Barre & Pole Fitness Studio in Northampton, Massachusetts where she coaches the next generation of pole artist in her signature flexy-exotic pole style.

Dance Filthy USA Melissa Schrader


Melissa is the badass owner of The Brass Ring Chicago. She loves that sexy pole dance style and lives for hair whips and body rolls. Melissa is a 2 time Midwest regional pole dancing champion.

K.G. MONEY $$$ 

Dance Filthy USA Kelly Goss

Kelly Elizabeth Goss was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, and is a professional pole dancer/performer/athlete/bad bitch, and discovered the magical sport of pole fitness 5 years ago and immediately fell in love after her first class. Kelly is adamantly convinced that pole fitness changed her life, and is the proud owner of Kelly’s Aerial Arts & Fitness in Key West, where she trains an elite team of athletes as well as anyone aspiring to challenge themselves through health and fitness. Kelly also recently opened an entertainment venue in downtown Key West, Diamondz Aerial Showroom, which will host performances by Kelly and her Aerial Arts and Fitness team. She is trained and certified in varied disciplines including TRX suspension strength training, aerial yoga, pole fitness/dance, choreography, flexibility training, lyra, hand balancing, classique dance, twerkout, cardio bounce, self care and body awareness. She is also a licensed deep tissue massage therapist, medical massage therapy expert, and aesthetician.  Kelly has become a fantastically powerful competitor and has earned multiple titles. Her affinity with pole fitness has given her a constant desire to learn and grow both personally and professionally. She is determined to inspire everyone she touches to give pole fitness a chance to impact their lives in a positive way.


Dance Filthy USA Jordan MazurJORDAN MAZUR 

Jordan Mazur is the owner of Muse Pole Fitness in Columbia, Missouri and is a classically trained dancer.  She danced professionally with the Missouri Contemporary Ballet for 4 years before transitioning to focusing full time on pole, but is happy to stay involved with the ballet company on its Board of Directors. Jordan is the current 2016 Florida Pole Fitness Championships Most Artistic and 2016 NAPDC Midwest Elite 1st Runner Up.  She has performed and competed in many other performances and competitions throughout the country, co-produces her own sexy pole show Vertical Desires in Columbia, and is excited to return to Florida for the inaugural Dance Filthy USA.


Dance Filthy USA Margaret ElyseMARGARET ELYSE

Margaret Elyse is a hip hoppin’, hair tossin’, body rollin’, tech nerd who’s secret life revolves around pole! She’s always loved being on stage and has performed styles like Argentine tango, country swing, hip hop, and was even a pro dancer for the AFL. As a pole dancer, Elyse loves teaching and hosts classes at multiple studios in the SF Bay Area. Although she works a full time tech job, she still makes time to perform as much as possible. You may have seen her in shows like SF’s Volare Variety and PoleShow LA. Follow her on Insta or Twitter @movewith_me.