Is this competition open to international competitors?

Yes. Anyone in the world can enter to compete in Dance Filthy USA.

Is this a women’s only competition?

No. All genders  welcome to enter.

Do I have to use the same song or performance in both online and final round?

No. You can use a different song and do a different performance in the final round.

Can I use a human prop?

Yes you can use a human as a prop. Performers are permitted to use any props, sets, costuming, additional performers, sound effects, performance apparatus or footwear, provided that:

a. the space allows for it physically;
b. it is of a size that can be easily transported on a plane (so that international competitors are not disadvantaged); and
c. it can be set up and completely removed in under 3 minutes.

If any props are to be used, performers must advise us by email.

Can I strip down to pasties and a thong?

Yes, however nudity is prohibited.

Are there any movement/trick requirements for the submission video or final round?

No. There aren’t any specific required moves or tricks. The judges are looking for showmanship, stage presence, artistry, and filthy factor! Tricks are good, but Dance Filthy USA emphasizes more performance based routines.

Should I apply for the Amateur or Professional Division?

Amateurs: If you have never won an amateur competition before or competed in a professional level competition, this is the division for you.

If you have won a smaller amateur competition or competed in a professional level competition, but believe that you should still be allowed to compete in amateur, please email contact@dancefilthyusa.com with details of the relevant competition and your reasons why you think you should be classed as an amateur. Pole dance instructors are allowed to enter the amateur division if they have never won an amateur comp or competed in a professional level competition.

Professionals: If you have won an amateur competition or competed in a professional level competition before, then you must enter the professional division.