Dance Filthy USA 2021 will consist of two rounds: Video Submission Entry, and Final Round.

2021 JUDGES: 

Leah Franklin (2019 DFUSA Pro Champ)

Leah began her dancing journey when she was 12 years old, taking a hip hop class that eventually led into many other styles of dance. You could say she was hooked on performance and movement from the get go. Leah dabbled in theater and cheerleading throughout her youth, and went on to major in dance at Stephens College. Leah had dreams of becoming a freelance choreographer, but that didn’t end up satisfying her wants and needs. Looking for a new outlet, she discovered pole dancing and quickly fell head-over-heels for the craft. Leah has been pole dancing for 8 years now, teaching at Muse Pole Fitness for 7, and dancing as an “erotic dancer”/”stripper” or whatever wording you choose for 6 years. She has competed and performed worldwide for years, and carries titles including World Erotic Pole Champion, Pole Theatre Canada Classique Champion, and of course Dance Filthy USA Champion. One of her favorite achievements is getting to co-produce and choreograph the professionally sexy show, Vertical Desires. She is so excited to be joining the Dance Filthy stage once again after what everyone can agree was an exhausting year.

Estefanía Jimenez

Estefanía’s signature old school pole dance based style has brought her to multiple countries around the world like Asia, Europe, North America and Central and South America.

Estefanía won the “Sexiest legs in the industry” and “up and coming artist” titles from Pole World News in 2017. Her performance highlights include Pole Show LA 2018, Polesque Show Saint Petersburg 2019, Pole show Brazil 2019 and Rise the night 2020.

Her style combines sexy traditional pole dance style with dance inspired leg extensions and movements. She specializes in musicality and choreography, flexibility, leg movements, extensions and technique.
She is well known for mesmerizing legs movements that captives the audience.

Shay Williamson

Shay Williamson has taken on the pole community with ambition and grit. She is the owner of Kairos Fitness, a successful pole and aerial studio in Ogden and Centerville Utah; and the owner of Dew Point Products, a premium vegan grip aid for all Pole and Circus performers. She is also the new owner of PoleActive, a Pole and Circus wear company that strives for diversity and inclusion.

As a competitive Poler Shay holds several titles nationally and internationally, including Miss Sexy at USPDF in 2018 and Pole Theatre Canada Classique and Overall Champion 2019 – Current (thanks Covid). Shay embodies a unique blend of styles and creativity in her dance and enjoys sharing her stories on stage. She can’t wait to experience Dance Filthy!